Sky Band

Melody of mind…harmonic impressions

It is said music is the art of thinking through sound. But we, at SKY, try to achieve the dynamics of music that stretches far beyond thinking, to the realm of feeling and creating bliss. We have join-hands with a common aim of experimenting and exploring the music from within to reach and enrich every individual heart. Which, we believe, ultimately exalts each joy, allays each grief and softens every pain.

The melody is created through various ragas taken from the rich heritage of Indian classical music, blending with the western harmony. The practiced hands of the artists plays instruments such as the Sitar, Shehnai, Hawaiian guitar, Tabla, Mridangam, Spanish guitar, the African percussion instrument- Cajon. The effortless amalgamation of the ragas, such as Raga Bairagi, Hamasadhwani, Kalawati, Hemavati and etcetera, with the notes of the western instruments illustrates SKY’s musical genius. Each composition is weaved around a particular theme such as, “Creation of the Universe”, “Reverie” and many more providing a distinct character to the compositions.

All the members of the SKY are trained under the tutelage of eminent Gurus in their respective fields, which endows them with the confidence to innovate. The quality of the innovations places the SKY in a league of its own in this modern day and age of fusion. With most of its members being in the age group of 23-28 years, the music is a heady mix of youthful energy, instant improvisations and melodious harmony.

In their past performances in various forums, SKY has always received wide appreciation and accolades of the press and public alike and also have been able to keep the audience enthralled in melody and asking for more, which gives the members immense happiness and confidence to continue the memorable journey of their music.